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30-Arm Floor Stand

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  • The 20-Arm Floor Stand is an ideal way to display a vast selection of our hand and glove puppets whilst taking up very little space on the shop floor. Versatile and highly functional, this cost-effective solution can be used to display numerous product ranges.
  • Showcase best sellers from different ranges on each row or top 30 items of any particular range suitable for your customers. Great for showing a variety of ranges in a compact and streamlined manor. Rule of thumb, larger items displayed on the bottom rows with smaller items at the top of the display.
  • Versatile stand for a range of items, ideal for displaying Sockettes, Eco Walking Puppets, Eco Animal Buddies, Story Tellers, CarPets, Full-Bodied Animals and Long-Sleeved and Baby Dinos
  • Skilful design in a light grey colour to suit any retail setting. Wide: 45cm, High: 168cm, Deep: 45cm & Across: 25cm
  • We are constantly working on new ways to display our ever-growing collection and are developing new ways to effectively showcase our products in store. In addition, we work closely with retailers to develop bespoke display solutions - get in touch to see if we can help.
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