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14 Prong Counter Stand

SKU: PC005049

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  • The 14-Arm Counter Stand is a fantastic way to display 14 of our hand and glove puppets across many different ranges, whilst taking up minimal space on any shelf or counter top in store. Versatile and highly functional, this cost-effective solution can be used to display numerous product ranges.
  • The perfect solution if you don’t have much floor space, this versatile stand has staggered prong heights to ensure all products are visible. Easy to re-stock to minimise lost sales.
  • Versatile stand, ideal for displaying Sockettes, Eco Walking Puppets, Eco Animal Buddies, Story Tellers, CarPets, Full-Bodied Animals, Long-Sleeved and more.
  • Skilful design in a light grey colour to suit any retail setting.
  • We are constantly working on new ways to display our ever-growing collection and are developing new ways to effectively showcase our products in store. In addition, we work closely with retailers to develop bespoke display solutions - get in touch to see if we can help.
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