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12-Arm Finger Puppet Stand

SKU: PC005034

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  • The 12-Arm Finger Puppet Stand is a versatile way to display 12 of our best-selling Finger Puppets while taking up very little space. Versatile and highly functional, this cost-effective solution can be used to display numerous product ranges.
  • Fits anywhere, ideal when placed next to the till for impulse purchases. Its small footprint and staggered prong heights make this an easy way to display these best-selling impulse purchases.
  • Easy to re-stock to minimise lost sales, these are effective ways to display one of our most popular ranges and can be combined with additional stands to create larger displays with small footprints.
  • Skilful design in a light grey colour to suit any retail setting.
  • We are constantly working on new ways to display our ever-growing collection and are developing new ways to effectively showcase our products in store. In addition, we work closely with retailers to develop bespoke display solutions - get in touch to see if we can help.
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